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After far too long of a break from blogging, I’ve decided to return triumphantly with the conclusion to a list I started last year by bringing you the conclusion to my list of the best web series. I have other exciting blogging related news coming up soon, so stay tuned for it, as well as updates on DragonCon.

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As one of my favorite web series begins airing new episodes – today, actually – I decided to take a look back on internet media and the plethora of great shows that are starting as web series and turning into more. Before writing this blog, I realized I didn’t quite have a large enough list, so I went looking for more, found some great (and not so great) series and then recognized just how many of today’s popular shows either started as web series or had their own spin-offs or episodes which could only be found online. The SyFy show Sanctuary began as a web series. Who knew?

This list is varied with comedy, sci fi, drama, reality, and even even a little bit of romance mixed in. The shows are quirky, sometimes bizarre, and definitely not the same boring thing you’re used to watching. The truth is when it comes to web media, there’s something out there for everyone; you just have to find it.

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It’s been a while since I actually updated about my DragonCon preparations, mostly because I’ve been so dang busy actually doing the preparations. I’m about 11 days away, but my 11 days is shortened to about 3 in reality, because I have to work 8 10 hour shifts between now and actually leaving. Who’s overwhelmed and panicking? This girl.

Here’s what I actually have left to do:


  • Finish painting Jack and River’s guns.
  • Finish River’s Nerf Steampunk Alpha Meson Blaster mod.
  • Attempt to alter the hemline of River’s skirt.
  • Purchase boots for River’s costume and holsters for both Jack and River.
  • Style River’s wig.


  • Make onigiri.
  • Make two main dishes for bentos.
  • Pack and freeze four bentos.


  • Pack. (Funny cause I actually have to UNPACK from where I house sat for a friend for two weeks first so I can repack. Also, I probably need to buy a suitcase or two and potentially laundry.)
  • Check the DragonCon app for updates and PRAY it did not lose all of my data like it did the last time it updated. Finish marking panels I want to attend.
  • Blog about the Alpha Meson mod, final costume pics, and make-up design.
  • Prep my scrapbooking stuff to take with me.
  • Have a breakdown and cry.

And that’s it. No big deal right? OH GOD WHO AM I KIDDING?! I’LL NEVER GET DONE IN TIME. Oh, look! I can mark “Have a breakdown and cry.” off my list. I feel accomplished already.

Every man or woman who considers themselves a geek spends as much time with technology as they do with their family; in most cases, if you take the technology away from the geek he might just sacrifice his family to get them back. With the addiction to technology comes the addiction to those things that actually make technology useful: apps. Computer apps, phone apps, tablet apps, every geek adores them all. The problem is, there is just so much out there that it’s difficult to download it all.

The list below compiles my top ten – the programs I use all the time or find awesome enough I recommend to just about everyone. And the best part? Most of them are freeware which ups the awesome ante even more. Continue reading