As one of my favorite web series begins airing new episodes – today, actually – I decided to take a look back on internet media and the plethora of great shows that are starting as web series and turning into more. Before writing this blog, I realized I didn’t quite have a large enough list, so I went looking for more, found some great (and not so great) series and then recognized just how many of today’s popular shows either started as web series or had their own spin-offs or episodes which could only be found online. The SyFy show Sanctuary began as a web series. Who knew?

This list is varied with comedy, sci fi, drama, reality, and even even a little bit of romance mixed in. The shows are quirky, sometimes bizarre, and definitely not the same boring thing you’re used to watching. The truth is when it comes to web media, there’s something out there for everyone; you just have to find it.

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