I’ve been trying for weeks to write a review of the Dark Knight. I promised listeners of Talk Nerdy 2 Me Podcast I’d do it within days of it coming out. I still haven’t done it. Why? A lot of what I think can be found in Episode 2 of the Podcast if you listen. I honestly can’t remember if we said anything naughty in that recording, but it’s possible, so you may not want to listen with the kiddos around. But because I promised my listeners something I just can’t bring myself write, it seems I’ve backed myself in a corner. I don’t want to disappoint them, but I don’t think I have much more to say.

To summarize for those of you who don’t listen, the Dark Knight was good. It wasn’t fantastic. It wasn’t mind-blowing. It was worth watching. If you’re anything like me, you’ll initially enjoy it, only being put off by a few things here and there… and then the more you think about it, the more you’ll find to nitpick at. Bane was awesome. Catwoman was okay. The ending was just anti-climatic. I’m hoping for a sequel in the form of Nightwing and/or Batgirl. I’ve already cast it in my head: Joseph Gordon Levitt as Blake/Nightwing and Emma Stone as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl. It would be amazing. If you’re out there Mr. Nolan, I would pay all my moneys (not really) to see this.

Speaking of the podcast, we’ve recorded four episodes so far. I’m not sure anyone is really listening, but that’s okay. It’s been fun. I just wish iTunes would cooperate with me so that I could actually download my podcast through them. Hah.

In between podcasts, I’ve been slowly working my way through lots of Netflix. I’ve finished all of season 5 of Supernatural and watching a couple of episodes of season 6. I paused in my Supernatural viewing when I found out that Series 4 and 5 of Primeval were up for viewing, and I watched those in about two days. I can’t say enough about Primeval. It’s awesome. If Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Jurassic Park had a polyamorous love child its name would be Primeval.

Essentially, the show’s premise is simple: temporal anomalies are opening up in modern-day London and now extinct creatures are passing from their time into ours. It focuses around a team which comes together to get the creatures back to their time and help keep people safe from potentially dangerous creatures. That simple premise leads to various unforeseen complications, and the show does grow and get more complex. Some fans think it has jumped the shark. I see most of the plot twists as logical implications of previous events. The one thing I have to warn you about: the show hasn’t had a steady run. It’s been cancelled or it’s fate has been undecided several times before. In fact, there’s no news on series 6. Rumors originally had a release date of Autumn 2012, but given that I can find no news on it filming and it’s already August, I don’t think that’s correct.

But if you can live with the idea of watching a show and being left to wonder what’s happened to main characters and potentially never finding out, it’s still worth checking out. Plus, it’s all available on Netflix… so far.

Other than watching Netflix, most of my time has been spent preparing for DragonCon and working on an idea I had for a television show. I don’t want to give away too many details as I’m really hoping that my writing partner, and I will manage to get it produced, but I will say it’s a cross between Torchwood and Supernatural and the characters and plot arcs are kick-ass. The most difficult part so far is finding a focus for the pilot, but we’ll get there.

For those of you who are going to DragonCon who may not be following daily_dragon on Twitter (which, why aren’t you?) the Android version of the DragonCon 2012 app has been released. I’ve already started filling my schedule with too many things. Even though I know I can’t do them all, I’m making a giant checklist of all the things I want to do and then going to spend the next month narrowing it down.

If you’re wondering about my cosplays, I’m slowly working on them bit by bit but I haven’t made enough progress to constitute another post. Hopefully, that will change this weekend.

And now that this self-imposed writer’s block has been broken, you can look forward to more posts coming soon.