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In my prep for DragonCon I seem to have taken two steps forward and three steps back. My sister spent a week vacation going through her closets and doing spring cleaning. She ended up with 4+ garbage bags full of clothes she no longer wears. My sister and I are fairly close to the same size, so I was able to go through the bags and get a ton of clothes both for everyday and for cosplay. I walked away with the following:

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I’m very excited to be attending my first convention ever. I’ve always wanted to attend a convention and have dreamed of attending NYCC or SDCC for years. However, I always thought I should start small and work my way up by going to something cheaper, smaller, and less expensive close to home. I’ve been planning for a little while to attend the next SheVaCon as my first con, but all of that was tossed aside one fateful night at work. How? Why?

Simply put, I had an e-mail conversation with a co-worker that went something like this:

Him: Barrowman and Eve will be at DragonCon.
Me: When?! WHERE?!
Him: September something. Atlanta.
Me: I’m going!

By the next morning when I’d gotten off from work, I’d contacted several people about potentially going together, got a confirmation from one other person, ordered my ticket and started hyperventilating and fangirling over the guest list. It is officially the most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done and for a long time I didn’t even know what to do to get started. By now, though, I’ve started getting things together and hopefully, I’ll be ready. So how exactly am I preparing?
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Every man or woman who considers themselves a geek spends as much time with technology as they do with their family; in most cases, if you take the technology away from the geek he might just sacrifice his family to get them back. With the addiction to technology comes the addiction to those things that actually make technology useful: apps. Computer apps, phone apps, tablet apps, every geek adores them all. The problem is, there is just so much out there that it’s difficult to download it all.

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